Daily Specials for Wednesday

Lunch Menu starting at $12.95 (11am to 4pm).
Dine-in Only.

Baton Rouge Restaurant (Thornhill)

Jumbo Slice Pizza & Pop $5 (including tax)

Homeade Soup, Salad & Pasta $12.99

Frano's Pizzeria & Trattoria

Max's Fried Chicken + Lumpiang Shanghai for only $21.00!

Max's Restaurant

Lunch Specials
Shawarma in a Pita + Lental soup: $7.99
Veg. Pita Sandwich + Lental soup: $6.99
Falafel in a Pita + Lental soup: $6.99
1 SK of any Chicken Shish (rice + salad, or soup): 9.99
Home Burger + FF + pop: 8.99

Yummy Grill Restaurant

Oyster & Tapas Bar after 5pm Tuesday - Friday

Terra Restaurant & Catering

Come enjoy our 3-Course Prix-Fixe Menu for Lunch $25 & Dinner $35 per person!
See Menus for more details.

Carmelina Restaurant Fresh Market Cuisine

Two can Dine from $10.99 - $19.99
View last page of "Dining Room Menu" for more details
(11am to 3pm dine in only)

Dante's Pizza Vino Pasta

Student Lunch Specials
Monday to Friday between 11am till 4pm.
Small French Fries: $4.00
LARGE French Fries: $6.00
Buy Shawarma in a Pita, get a free pop: $7.00

Buy Falafel in a Pita, get a free pop: $5.00

Home Burger + pop: $5.00

Shawarma in a pita + French fries + Pop:$8.50

Falafel in a pita + French fries + Pop: $7.00

Yummy Grill Restaurant

Please contact us to hear about our daily chef's choice special

Bill's Pit